A Q&A with Jonny Stevens

A Q&A with Jonny Stevens

This week we are joined by Jonny Stevens, from The Better Without App. Jonny has been part of the non alcoholic community for a number of years leading to the development and creation of the 'Better Without App'. He told us about his journey to becoming teetotal along with his top tips for an alcohol free lifestyle. 

1)What encouraged you to go teetotal?

Having suffered from bad anxiety for a while, I realised that alcohol just triggered the anxiety. When I was drinking, I went into my shell, the complete opposite to most people and my usual extroverted self! To overcome this I felt that drinking more would maybe help - it doesn’t. Then the next day I had the dreaded 'Hangxiety'. I had the realisation that I drink because I like the flavour and not because of the alcohol content. 

2) What difference have you noticed in yourself since cutting out alcohol?

Where do I start?! Better quality of sleep, ability to control anxiety more and being able to be myself and enjoy drinks for what they are and not for the alcohol. 

3) Who is your sober role model?

My partner has been sober for 5 years and helped me realise that actually I really didn’t need alcohol. 

4) What are your top tips for someone wanting to cut out alcohol?

The first question I would get anyone to ask themselves is why do you drink alcohol? If it is because you like the taste, can you find alternatives? There are plenty of fantastic products out there now, from Cider to Beer and Sparkling Wine to Spirits. 

I decided to cut alcohol completely but that isn’t for everyone. If you are just looking to cut down, can you have alcohol free in the week? Or when you’re out, could the first drink be alcohol and the next alcohol-free? If you are having a cocktail, could you reduce the amount of alcoholic spirits going into the cocktail and make one of them low and no alcohol?

Drinking outside of the house is always a challenge as the variety is often limited, but this is changing. Many pubs are serving beer on draught or increasing their cider range.

5) How can the better without app help with sobriety?

The better without app allows you to easily discover low and no alcohol drinks. We wanted to make it interactive so you could filter by taste and style or country of origin, or even food pairing! We also have perfect pairs linked in with spirits which gives you some inspiration of drinks you could try together.

If you are like me, I love restaurants and pubs! For me, these places are a place to relax, enjoy with your friends and family and indulge in good food and drink. We are creating a network of locations to help show where you can try certain drinks, or more importantly, if you are going to a certain pub, what they serve to suit you! 

6) What is your champion moment? 

Launching better without! As someone who has wanted to run their own company since a very young age (yes, I was told off for selling sweets in the playground at 5!) this was a very proud moment and my champion moment!

7) Your favourite champion cider? 

My favourite Champion Cider has to be the Kiwi and Lime CBD one. Intrigued by the colour initially, I was really surprised at how fresh and refreshing it was.

Thank you Jonny. If you want to find out more about the Better Without App, you can check out their social media here
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