As part of our mission as a business we are committed to working with sports clubs across the UK. Recently we teamed up with a local sports club, Rowntree RUFC, to help them Champion throughout their games. We spoke to team captain Ryan this week about his career and rugby journey. 

1) Please can you tell us about your career in rugby?

I started playing when I was about eight years old in South Africa, then continued playing in the UK, for clubs such as Doncaster Knights, Doncaster Phoenix, Lincoln, Thorne, Wath and West Leeds. During this time I also played for Yorkshire schools, a club in Australia (NSW University) and British police. Finally settling at my beloved Rowntree RUFC, where I still play today  - 28 years since I started this rugby journey.

2) What is your champion moment? 

Winning the Daily Mail Cup at Twickenham.

3) How do you motivate the team to be champions? 

First blood mentality, when the whistle goes it's all about making the first big hit, being the first to the breakdown, the first to win a turnover and more importantly the first to put points on the board. The game of rugby is not just about winning the bigger battles, it's about winning all of the little battles as well.

4) One bit of advice you would give? 

The only pain in rugby is regret  - Don't wait till after the match to wish you had done something differently on the pitch. You have 80 minutes to make a difference... so do it. 

5) What is your favourite champion cider? 

I like the kiwi and lime :-) 

Thank you Ryan for the brilliant and inspiring blog post throughout your rugby career. It is fantastic to work with sportsmen and women like Ryan who bring a refreshing

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