We are back with another interview with Rich Cadden, this week he discussed his best champion moments and shared his champion inspiration.

What is your best Champion moment? 

A quote I live by is “A great man once said if you’ve done something once, do it again to prove the first time wasn’t a fluke”. Some of my favourite moments include Winning 2 World Titles, Winning 2 European Titles and winning fight of the year twice. 

However, all these are external validations that I can show off to people, but I always like to take things back to a personal level. Bizarrely, the one thing I hold most dear is being featured on the front cover of Muay Tui magazine (Thai boxing weekly in Thailand). One of the highest acclaim in Muay Thai is the Sport writers Award which gets awarded at the end of each year. These sports writers have probably forgotten more about Muay Thai than most full time fighters and coaches know outside of Thailand so being accepted by such a critical crowd, and being honoured with a full front page spread is huge. When I lived over there it was like being an A-List Celebrity. I would get stopped for autographs in the streets. I would be recognised by taxi drivers when I was walking about. I even got recognised in 2014 after I had been retired a few years. To know that I entertained and won the hearts of the people means a lot.

Another moment was after winning the World Title in 2005, the one thing that was missing was a connection to my friends back home. So after the bout we got a taxi back to the gym, I had a few days of rest and recovery before jumping on a flight home. As I was being picked up, the taxi guy recognised me from the tv and despite not being able to speak English showed his happiness by lifting my arm in the air. He then started to search frantically through the radio stations for an English-singing channel. Serendipitously, the one station he found was playing Queen – We Are The Champions, and we belted this out as we drove down the road to the airport. A year later I told this story to Jo Whiley on BBC Radio One and this story was featured across the BBC network. 


Three words to define a Champion?

Loyalty, Commitment, Determination.


What is your favourite part about your job? 

As a Fighter, it has to be the flow-state generating act of living in the moment. Feeling the feeling of doing the exactly right thing at exactly the right time and experiencing the fluidity of effortless technique. 

As a Coach, it has to be seeing an emotional shift in people as they have a light-bulb moment and learn a technique, or seeing the gradual growth of confidence. Seeing “boys turn into men '' and “girls turn into women” as they make that mental shift and grow in mental resilience, confidence and tenacity. Seeing the daily smiles on people’s faces after training after they vent their stresses on the pads. I just like helping people…..physically and mentally.


Do you have a Champion inspiration?

Champions don’t get to be Champions without great coaches behind them, so I have to give a shout out to all the coaches that have guided me along the way.

Judo: Shiela Locker and Steve Atkinson. Rugby: Tony Gargan and Martin Horner. Kickboxing: Mike Clarke and Andy Wilby. Muay Thai: Richard Smith, Jitti Damriram and Rajasak Sor Vorapin. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Darren Currie, Helen Currie, Danny Mitchell and Lee Doyle. Wrestling: Ian Calliou. Business: Gary Veynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Jocko Willink and Jordan Peterson. And lastly, the person that keeps me on the straight and narrow, without going off on too many hairball ideas – My wife, Jo Cadden. 

One of the things that I teach my kids, at school, at my gym and my own…. A champion is a champion long before they get that title belt put around their waist. Being a champion is a lifestyle, it's an attitude and it's an approach to life to say ‘yes’ rather than ‘no’. It’s the growth mindset to step up to a challenge and not to shy away. Its that Yorkshire Grit that you bite down on between your teeth at things get tough. Challenges are only there to weed out who wants it more. Who is willing to pay the price to earn their right to get to the next level. It's easy to catch a big fish in a little pond. Ships are safe in the harbour but that’s not why they were made…Let's summon the courage to do the right thing even if no one is watching, because that’s integrity…and that’s what champions do!

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