A Q&A with Tame Tipple

A Q&A with Tame Tipple

It is time for another interview! This time with the founders of Tame Tipple; Lizzy and Kate. We found out about their journey towards a sober lifestyle and how they have worked together in order to create Tame Tipple.

1) What is your story on becoming teetotal? 


I became teetotal on the 12th May 2019 after I took a tumble with my mental health which led me to being hospitalised. I’d experience what I like to call “Russian Roulette”. Out of ten occasions drinking, two of those occasions I wouldn’t know when to stop and would end up in a nightclub somewhere on my own with no battery left on my phone, using my credit card to buy drinks and dancing with total strangers. I would wake up in a morning not remembering how I got home, with unexplained bruises and was riddled with regret and a pounding headache. I decided that while I could “moderate” on eight occasions, it wasn’t worth the two occasions where I had no control. Why was I the one getting in a mess but not others around me? I’d spent the best part of three years trying to “drink like a normal person”, whatever that may be. Drinking drove me to believe that I was worthless, weak and a failure. It wasn’t until I woke up the next morning in a hospital bed that I knew that things needed to change. I didn’t want to end up like my father and brother who lost their lives to alcohol, and I was soon following a family pattern. I needed to break that pattern. 
I thought alcohol gave me confidence, a great sense of humour and a sense of belonging - Being a singer, it wasn’t uncommon to drink a couple of pints before doing a gig. What it actually gave me was crippling anxiety, jokes that never fell and notes that I never quite hit in a song.
At almost 2 years sober, I realise now that I’m naturally funnier, sing ten times better and I have more confidence than I ever did with booze. I found out who I was and that I could become anything that I wanted to be without a toxin that led me to believe it was the “go-to” coping mechanism for stress, pain, grief, socialising and confidence.


I probably have an alcoholic drink once or twice a year! I don't drink the rest of the time for three main reasons:
  • To show solidarity for my abstaining husband
  • I am looking after my two young children, one of which I am breastfeeding
  • My health

2) What tips would you give to someone wanting to give up alcohol?  


Find a tribe of people who have been and are where you are - I joined the Team Sober UK Facebook group and was inspired by other people's journeys. I didn’t feel embarrassed, indifferent or ashamed - Instead, I felt as though I’d found a family of people who cheered me on, with no judgement.
Remember the trauma - When you want to pick up a drink, remember what it did to you before. I use my bad experiences with drinking as armour, to protect me from cravings. Think ahead and give yourself just 10 minutes to remember what will happen in the future if you pick to drink right now. 


Buy self-care books - I’ve read almost every book out there on alcoholism, from The Unexpected Joy Of Being Sober, This Naked Mind to Sober Stick Figure. When you’re equipped with scientific knowledge on what drinking does to you and how, you’re better positioned to beat the cravings with an abundance of tactics at your fingertips.

3) What is your favourite champion cider? 

It has got to be the Kiwi & Lime cider! It’s such a funky colour which gives it a unique character. We love that it is different! It’s so refreshing and moreish. The other two flavours however are very close behind!

4) What is your championing moment? 


My best championing moment was winning an eBay competition and becoming a board member by submitting a work success story. At aged 23 I felt that I was out of my depth against successful businessmen and women, but age is just a number. If you stay true to yourself and put the work in, you will achieve anything you want to do regardless of age or how much money is in your pocket. I got to travel and give my feedback on upcoming changes on the eBay platform in front of hundreds of people with cameras surrounding. It was at that moment I realised that I had a knack for expressing myself and standing out.


From 18 months old until now, I have been drawing. It’s been a long journey of studying, hard work and determination, with the inevitable sprinkling of self-doubt, fear and feelings of hopelessness. But now, I am at a moment in my life where I am being paid to illustrate, animate, supporting my little family AND starting up Tame Tipple with Lizzy, championing lifestyle changes that have meant everything to me and a lot of people in my life. Right here, right now, that's my championing moment!

5) Can you tell us a little bit more about Tame Tipple?

We are passionate about making alcohol-free drinks more accessible without committing to buying lots of the same drink, as well as helping the buyer pick the right mixers with premium AF spirits.
We only stock drinks that we have tried and tested ourselves and know that we can vouch for. With a focus on sourcing from independent businesses, our range won’t be crowded with big named brands- We welcome new brands with open arms and want to vouch for the newbies who have been brave enough to give it a go. We want to help customers find new ways to treat themselves without the hangover, regret, expense or the extra calories that come with alcohol. Vegan, gluten free and low in sugar options are extremely important to us.

6) What is the most exciting part of Tame Tipple? 

Our Pick 'n' Mix - our customers will be able to buy drinks in singles and build up a diverse selection for their order to try and taste (free next day delivery on orders over £50). This way, they are not having to buy single varieties in packs, or stuck with a set selection put together by us - everybody's tastes are different! We want our customer to find the perfect drinks for them, before they commit to buying their favourites in larger quantities next time! 
The Mocktail Lounge - we are going to be putting together mocktail making kits, complete with recipe cards for our customers to make their own delicious mocktails at home. Even down to dried fruit and straws to add to your mocktails to make them extra special - This collection is going to be something spectacular!
Thank you to both Lizzy and Kate. It was great to hear from them and about their upcoming brand adventures.
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