Forged by a team of former international rugby players who love cider but hate calories and sugar! Champions Cider is a premium zero alcohol cider that has only 50 calories per bottle, absolutely no added sugar and tastes absolutely delicious! Click on the images below to begin shopping. 

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At Champions Cider we want to live in a world where those of us craving a refreshing cider aren't forced drink 50g of sugar. That's right, in a 500ml bottle of the leading brands of cider they have upto 50g of sugar!

So we created Champions Cider, with no added sugar which means in a 500ml bottle of Champions there is only 11.2g of sugar!


We all know the joys of running 30 minutes on a treadmill. Well the average person burns 250 calories in this time. It gets worse though... An average 500ml bottle of cider has around 250 calories in it... 

A Champions Cider has only 50 Calories. For you mathematicians out there that means that you'd have to drink 5 bottles of Champions Cider to get the same sugar content as a single bottle of average cider. 

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Champions Cider is very proudly forged by a team of international athletes who know first hand the demands of elite sport and the importance of a healthy diet. This knowledge and passion means when you buy Champions Cider you are investing in a cider forged not by marketing agencies or a big corporation, but a cider forged in the fires of international sport.


Champions Cider is very proudly made in the United Kingdom which has been at the very heart of the global cider industry. This means that when you drink a Champions Cider you are enjoying something made from the apples grown in Britain's green and pleasant land.

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A team of former international athletes who absolutely love cider but hate calories and sugar


Charlie Simpson-Daniel

Managing Director

Charlie is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded a number of business to date which he has launched in the major retailers. At the age of 20 he founded the brand Kings Elite Snacks which is the UK's leading biltong and jerky brand today and is available in every major retailer. He also founded the soft drinks brand Revolution Waves which launched in Tesco and Asda in 2019. 

Charlie has strong experience in founding and launching brands which have risen to category captain status in every major retailer in the UK. He draws upon all of this experience and has a vision for Champions Cider to rise to category captain in the low alcohol category in major retail.

James Simpson-Daniel

Marketing Director

James is a former international rugby player who made his debut for England aged 19 playing against the All Black legend Jonah Lomu as his opposite man. He went on to have an incredibly successful career with Gloucester and holds the accolade of a place in the premiership hall of fame. All while doing this he co-founded the brand Kings Elite Snacks and Revolution Waves with his brother Charlie.

James leads all of Champions Ciders marketing activities with the same passion and creativity that produced such excellence on the rugby pitch!

Will Greenwood


Will is a former rugby world cup winner and alumni of the same school Charlie and James attended growing up. Will brings an incredible passion to the Champions Cider team and works very closely with Charlie and James around the companies marketing strategy.

Roland Froebel

Technical Director

Roland is an industry leading expert whose time in the food industry includes roles at Mars, Goldenfry Foods, Greencore, Premier Foods, Sante Foods, Symingtons, Fox's Biscuits and Baxters Food Group. He has worked in Technical Director roles supplying brand and own label to Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Asda, Aldi, Lidl, CO-OP, Costco, Waitrose, Wh Smiths, Boots, B&M, Home Bargains and Poundland. 

Roland constructed the Champions Cider supply chain and ensures that all of our suppliers subscribe to industry best practices in line with major retailer expectations. 

Andy Shaw


Andy is a former MD of Redbull and Brew Dog who understands what it takes to nurture and grow world class brands. Andy is working closely in a mentoring role with Charlie to ensure that the companies 30 year old Managing Director benefits from one of the food industries leading minds.

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